Regular Generators (no special themes) by Fandom

Buffyverse (non-comic compliant) | Dark Angel | Hex | The Lost Boys |

Veronica Mars (new) | Dark Angel Season One (new) |

Dark Angel Season Two (new) | X-men (movieverse) (new) |


Themed Generators (i.e. genre, pairing, etc) by Fandom

Buffyverse Femslash (non-comic complaint) | "Dark" Angel the Series |

"Dark" Buffy the Vampire Slayer | "Dark" Harry Potter | SPN/BTVS Crossover (new) |

Slytherin/Gryffindor (new) |


Upcoming Generators by Fandom

S8 Compliant Buffyverse | Buffyverse Slash | Supernatural |

Paranormal Crossover | Random Fandom


Looking for Other Random Generators?

Why not check out Ragna's list of Almost Random Pairing Generators?

Or the Almost Totally Random Pairing Generator by docmichelle?

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